Delivering a smarter experience for our customers

ePOD at a glance:

  • Get live notifications about dispatched orders
  • Track your deliveries in real time
  • Receive instant electronic proof of delivery
  • Improve efficiency with our paperless system

Tarmac’s ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) system empowers customers to track their orders in real time.

The intuitive software provides unparalleled visibility of our nationwide fleet of 1,900 vehicles, sending live updates with dispatch notices.

As well as its ‘track and trace’ benefits, ePOD uses ‘sign on glass’ technology to eliminate the need for paper delivery tickets. Instead, it generates an instant, digital proof of delivery ticket by email or via the customer portal, reducing the risk of documents being mislaid and making processing more efficient.

Data on delivery times, signatories, routing information and a chronological log of each order is all easily accessible and safely stored in the Tarmac customer portal. This reduces the need for time-consuming administration, helping our customers to manage their time and resource.

With 3.5 million delivery tickets processed annually, ePOD is transforming the way we deliver orders and an enhanced customer experience. The automated process substantially reduces the carbon footprint of our deliveries in a way that is streamlined, robust and easy to use.

It’s not just our customers benefitting from improved efficiency. ePOD also helps our national network of weighbridges, materials plants and logistics teams to optimise planning and increase productivity across the business.

What our customers say:

"Our site teams rely on getting the right materials at the right time. Tarmac’s ePOD has taken the guesswork out of deliveries, helping us to plan and execute jobs more efficiently.

For instance, there’s no need to waste time on the phone to check when a load will arrive or chase a missing receipt. All of the information you need is there in real time in a fool-proof digital system.

It’s not only easier for our teams working out in the field on time-sensitive projects, the electronic record means we can also process deliveries in the central office a week earlier than we could with paper tickets.”

Jodi Brown 
Buyer at GGK Contracts Scotland

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