Everything you need in one call

Connect Service Cloud at a glance:

  • Helping us understand your business requirements
  • Dealing with queries and orders efficiently
  • Supporting our ‘one call resolution’ goal

Customer feedback tells us that it’s important for us to really know you and your business, whoever picks up the phone. Our Service Cloud, which we are currently trialling in part of our business ahead of a national roll out, ensures that our customer service teams have all your account information at their fingertips whenever you call.

The data storage solution pulls together information from across our business systems helping us to understand your needs. Having the right information to hand ensures we can speed up service, saving your time whether you want to place an order or get a quote for a new product.

To maximise efficiency, the new technology is linked to our phone systems. When you call from a number already linked to your account, the Service Cloud will automatically pull up related information ensuring that the customer services representative is presented with all the information they need to better support you.

The technology complements the recent reorganisation of our offices into streamlined, flexible teams, able to offer comprehensive assistance with everything from scheduling deliveries to pricing orders. Our goal is ‘one call resolution’, where we can meet all your requirements and strive to exceed your expectations in just one phone call.

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What our people say:

“The new system is transforming how we interact with our customers. It provides all of the information we need instantly to lead a more focused customer call and deliver an enhanced customer experience.”

Chris Costello 
Internal Account Manager at Tarmac